Sunday, July 8, 2012


So hi nobody! (Probably)
I just thought HEY I'm nearing the end of my gap year, why not start a blog? I've just got a lot of thoughts running around in my head and this seemed like a nice way to get them all out there. Undoubtedly I will probably forget I ever made this by tomorrow and never write it again but thought I would give it a shot! So here goes....
Basic summary of my life in 2012- I started the year with 4 months in AUSTRALIA. It was amazing and I had the best time OF MY LIFE. It sounds cheesey but I learnt a lot about myself too. I guess I'm not the shy  person with a distinct lack of social skills I thought I was! And it really taught me to live my life to the fullest.
So I present to you...

  • Get a tattoo- I have to do this one because it is so unlike me. It would remind me of my travels forever- whether I regret it or not. The parentals will MURDER ME for it. Oh well.
  • Go to Denmark- made a friend for life out in Oz and absolutely have to visit her.
  • Do something significant everyday- harder than it sounds. Especially where I live. But I guess significance can cover a lot of things so we will see on that one.
Okay. I've run out of ideas. But those are three biggies so I will give myself a pat on the back for effort.
Going back to my life. Currently working my butt off to pay back my travelling debts and get in a bit of cash for uni. Yep. Literally got no social life (FYI waitressing is about THE most antisocial profession out there). The only socialising I did this week was see the new Spiderman movie with a friend (it's awesome by the way). That's my life in a nutshell.
Anyway this was just a little intro post so I will get onto the more burning matters that I want to natter on about into the stratosphere some other time!
(to no one- story of my love life)

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