Monday, July 9, 2012

When people do things to annoy me.

So. I will start with a recent story in my life.
I HAD a friend (yup, not anymore) I stayed with her for a few days out in Australia while she was working out there. I shared a secret about myself, which I was kind of embarrassed about, but in my defence I was drunk when it happened. (Alcohol is bad, kids!) Anyway I later found out she had decided to tell a few mutual friends, who I'm not particularly close with. It was spreading around this group and I was not impressed. So, I may have sent her a very mean message over Facebook, highlighting her past endevours. She then proceeded to delete me as a friend.
Well, writing this here now, it is definitely coming across as petty and immature (from both sides). But I don't regret it. She never really treated me as a proper friend, and what she did was extremely hurtful, especially as she knew how embarrassed I felt about it!
If I know anything about myself its that when somebody pisses me off, I will certainly let them know! (Same goes for when I've decided I don't like them- which is certainly one of my worst traits, but lets be honest why waste your time hanging with people you don't get along with just to be nice??) Also arguing is one of my favourite things (when I think I'm right), so it's just a shame I couldn't hold off a week until my ex-friend came home to do it that way. The thing is if it had been face-to-face it probably would have turned out a little differently!
To conclude: if a friend isn't treating you right, cut them out of your life. You don't need them. If they spread one thing about you and get away with it, they will just think they can walk all over you and before you know it, something else about you will be churned out of the rumour mill. This year has certainly taught me which friends to make the effort for, and which ones you just see because they live nearby.
Actually that's a point too- in the last few weeks since my friends have come home from uni I've learnt which ones invite me to things just because I have a car. I've genuinely come across messages that say "Transport might be an issue..wonder if Kate is around?" WOW. True friends for life... NAWWWT. Needless to say I replied to that with "I would rather be invited as a friend rather than a taxi service, thanks." They don't even offer to pay for petrol by the way. HELLO?!! I'M A STUDENT! The cracks in friendships will definitely grow after school!

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